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L&M Foreign Cars was founded in 1969 by Jack, Lali, Magdalena and Bill. Founders Lali and Bill Roth worked in factories all over Europe including Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen. It was during this time that Lali and Bill learned all the intricacies of the automobile industry; becoming experts in what was to become the automotive technician evolution. Over the next 50 years cars became ever more complex evolving from onboard cup holders to onboard CPU's. As the technology changed, the tools and technical expertise needed to diagnose modern luxury cars became infinitely more complex. In January 2005, nearly 37 years after L&M Foreign Cars inception, cofounder Bill Roth received the 2nd highest certification in the field of automotive technicians; becoming one of five L2 rated master technicians in the U.S.A. Bill holds over 16 certifications to date and is recognized as one of the foremost experts on foreign cars. He continues to teach and improve on his skills by learning from fellow masters and troubleshooting for many of the luxury car companies. He is a member of iATN, ASE, SAE, AERA, APRA, ATRA, LMV and Eurodiagnostics.

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