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In business for over 37 years L&M Foreign Cars is currently one of the most
advanced automotive diagnostics shops in the New York area. We specialize in BMW, Land Rover, Volkswagen, and Audi repair. Our technicians hold L2 technician status , are featured in Road & Track, Eurodiagnostics, Counterman, and hold over 16 professional automotive certifications. We use all original parts and since 1969 have been providing knowledge and expertise to our large customers base as well as dealerships and automotive shops around New York. In a business that is overun with mechanics who don't know enough and dealers' that charge too much, L&M Foreign Cars is an oasis and are recognized as the experts. We are a full service shop and provide quality service for all your car needs.
In the last 5 years cars have become infinitely more complex making us one of the only shops that can both diagnose and repair the most complex electrical and computer problems. Our diagnostic center has dealer level equipment and is one of the most advanced in the area. Come see for yourself! We know, everyone is looking for a mechanic they can trust. Now you've found yours; and our personal guarantee to you is
you'll never have to fix the same thing twice .